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"Researchers must work together to find intelligent solutions" by Prof. Marcellin Nkenlifack, (Ministry of Scientific Research, Cameroon)

Conclusion and recommendations
Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques such as Machine Learning (ML) are becoming increasingly important in attack and defence processes.
 Raising awareness, developing skills and building capacity would facilitate the adoption of an AI culture in public administrations and institutions.
 It is important to master the opportunities, issues and challenges posed by AI, to make it a factor in sustainable development.


- Researchers must work together to find intelligent solutions (ML) adapted to our environment.
- From now on, AI should be one of the priorities of the State, which could set up or improve a special fund to support major projects to set up our "DataSets";
- We should promote collaboration between researchers (academics), businesses, decision-makers and financial backers;
This would enable us to make the most of our potential and ensure our intelligent integration into the Global Digital Village with greater security.


NKENLIFACK Marcellin_PANEL 4 _ Exemples-Projets-Realises-UAR-IA-v2-5mars2024
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