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The impact of AI on trades and professions, by Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, PhD

The benefits of AI for content discoverability [metadata].
By combining technologies such as image recognition, machine learning, voice-to-text transcription, automatic natural language processing, facial, object and site recognition, artificial intelligence can automate the generation of content metadata to improve archiving and, above all, make it easier to find.
Note: Without appropriate metadata, it is impossible to find a specific subject among all that has been produced. AI applications: There are automatic, real-time indexing solutions.

Responsible use of AI
The use of AI requires clear rules and transparent documentation for the audience. "The Big Data that powers AI is based on the massive collection of data (including personal data). Data ownership and independence from third-party sources is crucial for the development of an independent ecosystem, and could be decisive for the long-term survival of companies, particularly those in the media sector."


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