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Case study of Cameroon’s Ministry of Higher Education in the use of Artificial inteIligence, by Prof Atsa Etoundi Roger (AUB AI Summit)

Should we be afraid of AI?
1- Yes, AI is an opportunity for Africa's development. It will reduce the gap between North and South.
2- It allows Africa to have its own identity in this new ecosystem with the indigenisation of technological solutions and the theorisation of African knowledge.
3- AI is a breeding ground for millions of jobs for young Africans, who have a serious problem of socio-professional integration.

AI-based solution
A- Setting up the technological infrastructure
1- Construction of a Cameroon inter-university network (RIC);
2- Distribution of 500,000 terminals for access to cyberspace;
3- Interconnection of all campus buildings (campus network)
4- Construction of 10 university digital development centres (CDNU);
5- Provision of high-speed Internet access to the university community;
6- Development of Cameroon's integrated higher education management information system (SIGIRES).


ATSA Etoundi_PANEL 5_ Expérience du Minesup dans usage de l'IA
Download PDF • 375KB


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