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"Should we be afraid of AI?", Inaugural lecture by Prof. Jean-Emmanuel Pondi, ICT University Chancellor

Since the dawn of time, major changes have always provoked understandable fears and anxieties in human beings.
 In the 20th century alone, and to stick to the field of information and the media, the transition from the written press to television in the 1960s and 1970s led us to believe that the era of the written press was coming to an end. In the 1980s, the predominance of cable television raised concerns about the survival of traditional TV channels.


Closer to home in the 2000s, and more precisely since 30 November 2022, when Chat GPT appeared, there have been the most serious concerns about the ability of human intelligence to really compete with artificial intelligence. This is all the more worrying given that this latest tool is accompanied by others that are just as effective, such as Mid-journey and Lexica, which generate near-perfect images. From this observation, it appears that we can create a new world.

Chat GPT, as the Minister for Post and Telecommunications so aptly put it, is the most visible face of intelligence.
and Telecommunications, is the most visible face of artificial intelligence
best known to the public. It is capable of processing but also of generating information using advanced algorithms and language models, and this is very important. Its intelligence is said to be artificial precisely because it is programmed by human beings.

So, in this issue, there are those who program and those who are programmed. However, it is important to understand that in this duo it is the artificial intelligence that is created by the human being who is the creator. Can we put the creator and his creature on the same wavelength, on the same scales? The answer is clearly no.


Leçon Inaugurale du Professeur Jean-Emmanuel PONDI sur l'IA. Recteur de ICT University
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