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Cameroon and the rise of Artificial Intelligence, by Minette Libom Li Likeng, Cameroon’s Minister of Post & Telecommunications

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) represents an unprecedented revolution in the global technology landscape, marking a decisive turning point for the telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICT) sector.

At the intersection of innovation and interconnectivity, AI is emerging not only as a powerful driver of digital transformation but also as a catalyst for profound changes in the way we communicate, work and live.

The rise of AI raises a series of major issues and challenges for players in the sector.
On the one hand, it opens the door to spectacular advances, promising to increase operational efficiency, enrich the quality of services and stimulate innovation through applications ranging from the intelligent management of telecommunications networks to the personalisation of consumer services.

On the other hand, this technology raises complex questions about data security, privacy, ethics and governance, requiring careful thought and appropriate regulation.



V-F Le Cameroun face à Vf francais anglais
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