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Launch of the China-Africa Media Action Initiative within the framework of the “Belt and Road”

Ahead of the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, China Media Group (CMG) launched the China Media Action initiative in collaboration with major media outlets from several African countries. -Africa within the framework of “Belt and Road” on October 14, and received favorable feedback from around fifty African media and media organizations.

The year 2023 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the Belt and Road Initiative, put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Since the beginning of this year, China Media Group's (CMG) CGTN has partnered with more than 40 media outlets from 24 African countries to cover various topics related to the Belt and Road from the perspective of China and China. Africa, through documentaries, TV broadcasts, as well as integrated media activities such as "I'm waiting for you on the Belt and Road", forming a model for spreading international connectivity and win-win cooperation. winner between Chinese and African media. On October 14, China Media Group, in collaboration with several major African media outlets, launched the China-Africa Media Action initiative under the framework of the "Belt and Road", aiming to further strengthen exchanges and media cooperation, and promote the continued development and innovation of Chinese and African media.

Shen Haixiong, chairman and editor-in-chief of China Media Group, proposed the initiative in his speech: "We will deepen exchanges and cooperation between media, jointly plan, produce, broadcast documentaries, TV magazines and other multimedia content, strengthen cooperation in the production and broadcast of programs on the theme of “Belt and Road”, and jointly launch high-quality content; we will jointly organize the China-Africa Documentary Festival to promote mutual understanding between Chinese and African people through documentaries; we will jointly launch the CGTN China-Africa Young Influencers Dialogue to inject youthful momentum into building a China-Africa community with a shared future in the new era; we will jointly organize the “I’m waiting for you on the Belt and Road” multimedia campaign every year; We will explore new media cooperation mechanisms, promote the continuous development and innovation of Chinese and African media. The China-Africa Media Action initiative under the Belt and Road Initiative has attracted much attention and received a warm welcome from many African political leaders, as well as friendly figures from Africa.

Grégoire Ndjaka, Director General of the African Broadcasting Union, said in his speech: "We deeply believe that the China-Africa Belt and Road Media Action Initiative will also stimulate well the development of Chinese and African media, the publication of high quality content jointly carried out. With this conviction, I would like to reiterate our support for this Initiative, and hope that Chinese and African media achieve all the objectives they have set for themselves. fixed, that is to say, writing their stories, stories of two peoples."

Vestine Nahimana, president of the National Communication Council of Burundi, emphasized in her speech: "The future of cooperative relations between China and Africa requires cooperation between African and Chinese media, which will result in exchange of programs and know-how. African and Chinese journalists and media professionals must strengthen their bilateral cooperation by highlighting the cultural aspects of our two continents."

Minister of Communication and spokesperson for the government of Chad, Aziz Mahamat Saleh, expressed his support for the China-Africa Media Action initiative within the framework of the “Belt and Road”. “Chad is really counting on the media and on this initiative to be able to boost, together with the Chinese media, the Chinese state and government, this cooperation in terms of communication for development.”

El Hadj Hamidou Kassé, Minister-Counsellor for Culture at the Presidency of Senegal, said in his speech: "It is important that China and Africa further develop cooperation in the field of media. This can be done through exchanges of content, therefore in terms of reporting, in terms of images, photography, etc. It can also be in terms of training courses for Chinese journalists in Africa and African journalists in China." So far, around fifty African media outlets and organizations have expressed their support for this initiative. Many African media directors and several renowned presenters sent letters of congratulations and expressed their expectations regarding the Initiative.

During the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, CGTN will jointly launch a special section with African cooperative media to regularly showcase high-quality content of China-Africa media cooperation. High-quality documentaries on the theme of “Belt and Road” will be broadcast on various African cooperative media platforms. CGTN will also jointly launch a special program with African media titled "Shared Destiny" to interpret the role of the Belt and Road Initiative in promoting the international practice of modernization with Chinese characteristics.

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