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CHAN 2020 : « Made in Cameroon » products available everywhere

Along with football matches, young Cameroonians offer pineapple, “macabo” and chicken crisps to the Yaounde city-dwellers and foreign visitors.

Have you ever had the pineapple and "macabo" fried? Oh yes! This is not fiction, but clear truth! Since the begining of the 6th edition of the African Nations Championship (CHAN), many Cameroonians have been working hard to offer innovative products to the general public.

Everybody wants to take advantage of the tournament to make money. To achieve this goal, one has to propose a product different from the existing ones.

During our city tour, we met Rachidatou Jisa in the Nylon district in Yaoundé. She is one of the staff of a start-up that offers food products labelled "Made in Cameroon". The African Nations Championship is an opportunity for her to sell more than ever before. “We want to promote local products. We have found that some people prefer imported products, whereas we can manufacture good things here”, she said happily.

This Start-up offers "macabo", cassava, safou fruits and chicken crips. Among these products, pineapple crisps arouse the curiosity of Yaoundé city-dwellers. “For the moment, sales are good. Chicken, pineapple and macabo crisps sell a lot. They are very much appreciated”, Rachidatou Jisa disclosed.

There are also natural juices and fried plantain, brown chocolate and croquettes. Young people were recruited to facilitate the promotion of these products. They transport them in crates for sale at the African Nations Championship venues: “I think this is a good initiative. The pineapple chips caught my eye. It is original. These local products need to be known. This competition is an opportunity to showcase our know-how”, Albert Nveng said.

The cost of these goodies range from CFA 500 (about 1 USD) to CFA 1 000. Brown chocolate costs cfa 200 per bar.

Alongside these "Made in Cameroon" products, vendors also propose to spectators in and around the various stadia popcorn, donuts and sandwiches.

Solière Champlain Paka


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