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AUB Summit on AI: Meet China Media Group, Our Gold Partner

Established in 2018, China Media Group (CMG) is one of the world’s largest media conglomerates.

It has 51 television channels including nine internatonal ones, 22 domestic radio frequencies, and programming in 68 languages targeting global audiences.

Its online presence includes three major news portals among other digital platforms.

CMG has reporters based in 65 countries and regions. As part of this global news gathering network, CMG Africa is in charge of coverage and media cooperation across the African continent.

CMG has been pursuing technological innovation, as it aims to become a frontrunner, influencer, and credible player in the communication sector.

CMG also works to develop smart media operation systems with the help of cloud computing, bid data, and IoT to improve production efficiency and provide targeted services.

CMG continues to pay attention to the application of AI technology, fully utilizing technologies such as intelligent strip breaking, intelligent editing, speech synthesis and algorithms to empower all aspects of program production, including program collection, editing, production, and distribution.

Also CMG utilizes technologies such as speech recognition and transcription, multilingual translation, and horizontal to vertical screen conversion to achieve automation and intelligence in content production.

CMG will continue to deepen technological innovation and AI application. It will further promote media integration to attract audiences from various backgrounds.

It aims to provide Chinese solutions to foster global media technology development.

Join us in Yaoundé Cameroon for the African Union of Broadcasting -AUB's Summit on Artificial Intelligence and the Media ( March 04 - 06, 2024)

Visit Summit Special Page

Visit CMG website


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