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AUB’s AI Summit Preparations: Meeting with Cameroon's Minister of Communication

The African Union of Broadcasting’s Delagation led by its Director General, Grégoire Ndjaka, met on February 20, 2024, in Yaoundé, Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, René Emmanuel Sadi.

The working session with the Minister and his colleagues focused on preparations for the AUB Summit on artificial intelligence and the media, scheduled for March 4 to 6 in Cameroon.

During the meeting, the AUB Delegation made it known that Cameroon’s choice to host this major summit was the result of the Cameroonian authorities' interest in technology in general and modern media in particular.

Mr. Ndjaka said he was convinced that the support provided by the Ministry of Communication will make a major contribution to the success of the event. In addition, the “Yaoundé Declaration” will represent the opinion of African media professionals on artificial intelligence.

The Minister of Communication stressed the importance of artificial intelligence, its advantages as well as its negative effects on humans because AI makes communication lose all human warmth.

At the end of the meeting, the AUB delegation reiterated its thanks to the Minister of Communication and underlined AUB’s determination to make this Summit a benchmark in Africa


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