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The AUB's Center for Content Exchange launched its Weekly Magazine dubbed "AFRIK 7 MAG"

AFRIK 7 Mag is a dynamic African weekly magazine that lasts 13 minutes and provides an overview of key Events and Developments on the African continent. It consists of four relevant sections, each offering a unique insight into African news. The first edition is now available on AUBVISION, the AUB’s Platform of Content Exchange. MediaBeach (

The Slots

1-What's New: This section highlights the highlights of the week in Africa. It covers events, trends, and important news in various areas such as politics, economy, culture, technology, and more. Whether it's new legislation, a major cultural event, or technological advancements, What's New is there to keep viewers informed of the latest developments.

2. Today in Africa: This section offers a glimpse into real-time events and stories unfolding in different regions of the African continent. It focuses on local news, community initiatives, social issues, challenges faced by Africans, and positive initiatives emerging to address them. Today in Africa allows viewers to connect with real-time news and gain a better understanding of the diversity and richness of the continent.

3- Tomorrow in Africa: This section looks into the future and highlights upcoming opportunities, innovations, and projects that will shape Africa's tomorrow. It explores emerging trends, technological advancements, sustainable development initiatives, infrastructure projects, and other initiatives that promise to transform the continent. Tomorrow in Africa inspires viewers by showcasing the potential and prospects of Africa.

4- Sports in Africa: This section highlights the latest news and most notable sports events in Africa. It covers a variety of popular sports such as football, rugby, athletics, basketball, and more. The performances of African teams and athletes on the international stage, regional tournaments and competitions, as well as inspiring stories from the world of sports, are featured in this section. Sports in Africa allows viewers to stay up to date with African sports achievements and celebrate the talents of the continent.

AFRIK 7 Mag aims to be a comprehensive, informative, and entertaining magazine that provides a balanced overview of African news in a short and accessible format. It offers viewers a unique perspective on the issues, progress, and successes of the African continent.


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