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Mr. Cleophas Barore, the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA)’s DG is the New AUB President of the Executive Council.

He replaces at this position, Mr Arthur Asiimwe, appointed "Proposed Deputy Chief of Mission in the Embassy of the Republic of Rwanda to the United States of America". 


Cleophas Barore is a Senior Professional Journalist with extensive experience in the media industry.

This experience equips him with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively lead and manage the RBA. His understanding of media dynamics and trends in Rwanda will enable him to make informed decisions and strategic plans for the agency.

Additionally, Barore’s analytical capacity for the media landscape in Rwanda is a valuable asset. This skill allows him to assess and understand the challenges and opportunities that the RBA may face.

By being able to analyze the media landscape, he can develop strategies to ensure that the RBA remains relevant and effective in delivering its services.

Furthermore, Barore’s deep knowledge of Rwanda’s historical background and politics gives him a unique perspective on the country’s media needs.

This is particularly important in a post-genocide society like Rwanda, where the media plays a crucial role in promoting reconciliation and unity.

Barore’s ability to protect an editorial line that serves the public information service will ensure that the RBA upholds its responsibility to disseminate accurate and unbiased information to the public.

As the new Director General of the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, Mr. Barore replaces defacto the former president of the AUB’s Executive Council. He will therefore collaborate closely with the AUB CEO and other leaders of the Union to ensure the AUB is fulling its missions and achieving its goals.

With additional notes by Top Africa News.


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