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AFCON2021: African Union of Broadcasting warns broadcasters against unauthorized use of TV signals

Authorities of the African Union of Broadcasting, AUB, have warned broadcasters against the piracy of signals of the ongoing Africa Cup of Nations, TotalEnergies AFCON 2021.

The warning was sounded by the continental body’s Chief Executive Officer, Cameroonian-born Grégoire Ndjaka during the launch of several components set up by the institution in Yaoundé.

The facilities hosted at the AUB Headquaters in the Messamendongo neighborhood in Yaoundé, include a TV Production Unit, the AFCON Monitoring Unit and the AUB Fan Zone.

The various structures were presented to a group of journalists during a ceremony in Yaounde.

Speaking as he launched the imposing structures January 6, the CEO of the African Union of Broadcasting, Grégoire Ndjaka was blunt that no broadcaster using AFCON Signals without approved rights will be spared.

“…If you haven’t bought the rights, you have no right to use the signals. It is one of our fundamental missions to be the police in this business specially to ensure that TV Rights are not abused”, he said before disclosing that ‘… we have mobilized a college of renowned lawyers to handle cases of non compliance”.

“… If you have been observant on the social media these days, you would have noticed that AUB recently signed an agreement with Canal+ to work closely on signal geo-blocking”, he mentioned.

He said through the service, the AUB aims at reducing the numerous complaints from broadcasters and ensuring the best coverage of the AFCON.

The 33rd Africa Cup of Nations TotalEnergies AFCON 2021 Kicked off Sunday, 9 January at the Olembe Stadium, Yaoundé.

The kick off came days after days after the launch of AUB’s Fan Zone in Yaoundé.

During the solemn ceremony, AUB boss, Grégoire Ndjaka has recalled the importance of sports in peace-building and resilience in the society.

He had used the launch to encourage broadcasters to promote sports in general and football in particular as a sign of social cohesion and tolerance.

The AUB Fan Zone, based in Messamendongo is accessed free and remains open from the 6 January to 06 February 2022.

In addition to the Fan Zone, AUB has installed a Headquaters comprising an AFCON Monitoring Unit and a Production Center.

The ZUB Headquaters is hosting the production Unit of a Pan-African TV Magazine dubbed Spotlight.

Its production is supervised by seasoned Cameroonian journalist, Antoine Marie Ngono.

The AUB said in order to enhance AFCON competition and bring out the most of it to broadcasters, the body is producing a daily TV magazine of 13 min.

The said magazine dwells on events off pitch and every single activity taking place in Cameroon around the competition.

The magazine is expected to contribute in promoting the host country, the prowess of all participating nations and enable the other countries which never made the journey to Cameroon, to have insights of all what is happening during the competition.

The magazine, it has been disclosed, is available to broadcasters via the AUB network of content and news exchange, AUBVision.

The African Union of Broadcasting, it should be said, is dedicated to the design and marketing projects, partnerships, negociations, training of professionals in the audiovisual industry and coverage of African sporting and cultural events.

Mua Patrick Mughe, in The Guardian Post


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