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The Director of the AUB Content Exchange Centre received a Delegation from EPTV

On August 3, 2023, an EPTV delegation led by its Deputy Director General was received at the AUB Content Exchange Centre in Algiers.

Ms. Karima Chelbi welcomed Mr. Messaoud Alghem, Deputy Director General of EPTV (Algeria's Public Television Establishment) and his entire team, explaining that this meeting comes within the framework of the will of the two entities to strengthen ties and promote communication and collaboration, particularly in the area of cooperation and exchange of content.

Mr. Messaoud Alghem, Deputy Director General of EPTV thanked the centre’s team for the welcome and recalled the importance of this meeting for the two entities and indicated the availability of EPTV to help the centre in the exercise of its functions and facilitate its activity knowing that the centre is in Algiers.

The meeting addressed key areas including Communication, cooperation, training, exchange of programs and content, monitoring of contributions, provision of content other than EPTV news on the AUB platform, support for content production and provision of audiovisual archives.

The EPTV and AUB agreed on the need to put in place a Working Strategy that will improve communication and facilitate collaboration.


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