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Rwanda will this week host the General Assembly of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB). The assembly will start with a forum for journalists, which will take place on March 12-13, and will draw communication ministers and chief executives from all over the continent. The New Times’ Julius Bizimungu caught up with Grégoire Ndjaka, the director general of AUB, who shared insights on what they intend to achieve out from the meeting and what work is being done to drive broadcasting industry in Africa.

Let us first of all talk about the upcoming events that the African Union of Broadcasting will hold in Rwanda…

We are organising here in Kigali the 11th General Assembly of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB). I would like to say that this assembly will be divided into different activities.

The first one is a forum for journalists, chief executive officers of broadcasting agencies, as well as communication ministers, academics and other politicians. This is the first time ministers are joining us.

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