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COVID- 19 and Risk Management : Mistrust of Science and Disinformation in an era of Global Pandemics

Presented by Professor Mbatcham Wilfried FON

AUB 13th General Assembly Ordinary Assembly Session

June 2022

The rise of emergent infectious disease (EID)

EID events have risen significantly over time after controlling for reporting bias, with their peak incidence in the 1980s

This has been concomitant with the HIV pandemic.

EID events are dominated by;

Zoonoses (60.3%): of which 71.8% originate in wildlife such as SARS, Ebola VD, Nipah etc

Bacteria or Rickettsia cause 54.3% of EID events, reflecting a large number of drug-resistant microbes - (for example, vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus).

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Mistrust of science and disinformation in an era of global pandemics - AUB-UAR-13Th GENERA
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