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AUB Workshop on “The future of the Spectrum for Broadcasting” & Preparatory meeting of the 2023 WRC

The African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) is pleased to inform the national and international opinion that it will organize in partnership with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and Broadcast Network Europe (BNE) a public workshop with stakeholders on “The future of the Spectrum for Broadcasting”.

The workshop will take place from 12 to 13 April 2022 at Hotel Fleur de Lys, in Dakar, Senegal.

It serves as a prelude to the 2023 World Radiocommunication Conference which is organized every three to four years by ITU to discuss global policies for the use of the radio frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The main purpose of Dakar’s workshop is not only to strengthen the knowledge and skills of Media Professionals on the future of spectrum for broadcasting, but also to share concerns and strategies acquired on this subject in our respective countries.

NB: Although spectrum is a scarce resource, if 470-694 MHz remains allocated to the broadcasting service only on a primary basis, there will still be broad spectrum for all uses on our continent. There are strong arguments in favour of a “no change” decision in spectrum allocation for the UHF band below 700 MHz at WRC-23. Therefore, we invite you to seriously take into consideration the stakes of this question which threatens the future of broadcasting in Africa.

The AUB continues to take all initiatives in the interest of its members with the contribution of sister unions like the EBU and partners such as BNE administrations, professional associations and other stakeholders throughout Region 1, given the vital importance of the issue.


For more details on the worshop, please contact:


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