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AUB Officials Met with the Algerian Minister of Communication

Within the framework of the AUB’s Center of Content Exchange pre-inaugural activities, the Minister of Communication of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria, Mr Mohamed Bouslimani granted an audience to the AUB Delegation headed by the Union’s CEO, Mr Grégoire Ndjaka.

The gathering held on Thursday, 22 September 2022 at the Minister’s Cabinet, in the presence of the newly appointed AUB’s Chief of Center of Content Exchange, Mr Abderrhamne Khodja.

The meeting was an opportunity to discuss the propects for cooperation between Algeria and the rest of the continent in the field of information and the means of strengthening it through training and deepening the partnership between Algeria and African countries.

The meeting also allowed the two parties to dwell on the preparations underway for the official opening of the African Union of Broadcasting's Center of Content Exchange, and to underline its importance for the exchange of experiences and expertise between the Algerian Audiovisual Group (TDA, ENRS, EPTV) and other AUB Member Organizations.

Irene Gaouda, Bir Mourad Raïs, Algiers


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