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AUB held its 25th Executive Council on May 27, 2021

This edition aimed at strengthening the effectiveness of the Union and identifying strategies to increase its functioning

On Thursday, May 27, 2021 was held the 25th Ordinary Session of the AUB’s Executive Council. Chaired by the Union’s new President, Mr. Raymond Tseko, also Director General of the Department of Broadcasting Services-DBS - Botswana, the meeting brought together delegates from Angola, Algeria, Nigeria, Morocco, Rwanda, Senegal, Cameroon, Botswana, Côte d'Ivoire and the representative of AUB's Associate Members, Mr Mactar Silla of Label TV.

Addressing Board Members, the AUB CEO, Mr Grégoire Ndjaka presented a three-component activities report for the period between July 2020 and May 2021: the International cooperation; the 5th African Nations Championship- CHAN 2020; AUB’s Network of Programs exchange.

Concerning International cooperation, the CEO recalled the just-ended training of media professionals on the sensitive issue of climate change and disasters risks reduction. The program sponsored by the United Nations Office for Disasters risks reduction (UNDRR) allowed the training of 146 media workers from Niger, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Togo, Guinea Conakry, Nigeria, Mauritius, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Board Members welcomed the initiative which helps forging the knowledge of African journalists and upgrading their level of understanding of environmental issues in order to inform the general public properly, in due time.

CRTV’s Deputy-General Manager, Mr Emmanuel Wongibe who is also one of the Program’s Trainers, encouraged the Union to go further with this activity. Thus, he advised the Union to add Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the list of up-coming beneficiaries; the reason being that the two countries are surrounded by volcanic terrain and mountainous landscapes. In addition, they hold a strategic position in the Congo basin which contains some of the largest tropical rainforests in the world.

He thus advised the Union to add to the list of beneficiaries, other countries like Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo who hold a strategic position in the Congo basin which contains some of the largest tropical rainforests in the world.

The program is being implemented in collaboration with the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), UNESCO and other international organizations.

Still in the field of international cooperation the CEO presented new organizations willing to join the Union. “But their membership wild only be effective upon validation by the EC Board”, he said.

In sports, the CEO recalled the role of the Union during the 5th edition of the African Nations Championship- CHAN 2020 which took place in Cameroon from January 16th to February 7, 2021. During the tournament the Union put in place a Media Centre to ease the work of journalists. In the same line, AUB produced 21 editions of a 15-minute magazine dubbed “The Spotlight”. The magazine was distributed to members through AUB’s Network of program exchange.

Mr Ndjaka also presented the state of advancement of the Union’s network which welcomed new members this year.

Delegates from Algeria congratulated the AUB for the tremendous efforts made in the field of the commercialization of sporting events.

Before ending the meeting, members of the Council discussed other issues concerning the functioning of the Union, with the promise to meet again during the AUB’s next General Assembly.

Mr Raymond TSEKO, AUB's New President of the Executive Council.

Mr Grégoire NDJAKA, AUB's Chief Executive Officer.



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