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In Memory of Carole Croella

It is with utmost sorrow that the African Union of Broadcasting regrets the sad demise of Ms. Carole Croella, following a car accident.

Madam Croella was the Senior Counselor, in the Copyright Law- Culture and Creative Industry Sector, at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) where she was in charge of the Development and implementation of international standards in copyright and related rights.

She also helped in various occasions in capacity building and technical assistance activities for developing countries on copyright, related rights and collective management, Intellectual Property and Sports.

Madam Croella was a good friend of Africa in general and the AUB in particular, as evidenced by the countless opportunities of collaboration between the AUB and WIPO in the field of Copyrights and related rights.

In March 2019, Carole Croella honored the AUB during its 12th General Assembly in Marrakech held under the auspices of His Royal Highness Mohamed VI.

throughout the AUB’s 11th General Assembly in Kigali, Rwanda in 2018, Carole Croella took an active part in debates on the "The process of African TVs switch over from analogue to digital on-going throughout the continent".

In December 2017, she conducted on behalf of WIPO, a training workshop addressed to directors of legal affairs of AUB member organization and heads of corporate business affairs. The seminar which held in Dakar, Senegal, aimed at contributing to enhance the understanding and the respect of copyright matters of African broadcasters in their daily activities in particular when creating, acquiring and using protected contents.

Carole Croella was awaited at the Union’s 13th General Assembly, initially scheduled to take place in Botswana, in March 2020, but later postponed following Corona virus outbreak.

The entire African Broadcasting family would definitely miss her!

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