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CONGRATS - From M. Wongibe!

Dear AUB Team,

Greetings from Yaounde and what a marathon it has been for all of you working on the US State Department Journalism Training Grant Project.

I write at this moment to say CONGRATULATIONS to each one of you.

I have been humbled by your sense of purpose and team spirit as I followed you guys on this project for the last 3 weeks. I am sure that your CEO is glowing in admiration of what his team can do even when other duties compell him to be no more than a distant coordinator.

As I appreciate all of you for pulling this one off inspite of the multiple demands, permit me to say to your CEO that it has been my pleasure bringing in my own little contribution to this endeavour. Mr. CEO this team speaks volumes about the work that you have done in terms of inspiration and motivation. In my 14 years at the AUB I have never seen anything like this.

Be assured that where ever my input is needed for the good of the Union, you will have it 100%.


Wongibe Emmanuel

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