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The AUB Mission to Malaysia

This July 11, 2023 opened in the Sarawak region of Malaysia, the work of the News Group of the Asia- Pacific Broadcasting Union,ABU.

This year's theme focuses on Artificial Intelligence in the media, and the way in which change is prepared or takes place in media companies.

In his introductory remarks, the ABU new Secretary General Mr. Ahmed Nadeem, opened the reflection on the future of the journalist in a world in perpetual change, in particular with the advent of artificial intelligence.

Faced with the change recorded in the practice of journalism today, is the journalist destined to disappear? No, he replied happily, as long as journalism exists, the world will always need a journalist.

Sarawak's work , he added , is an answer to this question.

You have to adapt to your time, learn, exchange, share knowledge to grow in this beautiful job. You have to reinvent the profession, and the choice of Sarawak, this little corner of paradise where nature has been preserved , was no coincidence . It was the perfect place to inspire change. Change in the appropriation of new technologies, but also in practices, attitudes and behaviors aimed at reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

The ABU received two sister unions on this occasion;the AUB and EBU.


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