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The AUB delegation received in audience by the Cameroon’s Ambassador to Algeria

The African Union of Broadcasting’s Center of Exchange Content is gradually entering its operational phase. Since September 2022, an important delegation led by Mr. Grégoire Ndjaka, Director General of the Union, is present in the Algerian capital. The objective is to make the final adjustments before the imminent launch of the Centre's activities.

On September 21, the AUB delegation was received in audience by H.E.M Komidor Hamidou Njimoluh, Ambassador of Cameroon to the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. Together with the Cameroonian diplomat, the AUB emissaries discussed issues relating to the Center of Content Exchange. "It's a kind of hub that will supply radio and television channels with information on current topics. It will also allow us to produce and distribute to members and partners in Africa, Asia, Europe and America important programs on the African continent”, the AUB CEO disclosed. H.E.M Komidor Hamidou Njimoluh welcomed this initiative with satisfaction.

For the African diplomat, information is a fundamental source for education. This is one of the matrices for the refoundation of schools in Africa and elsewhere in the world, he said. From his standpoint, such infrastructures (the Center of Content Exchange) that are being created today are one of the structures so desired by real Africans because they are necessary for training. "You should work not only by resourcing yourself from history but also from geopolitics, geostrategy in all possible fields to revive Africa because Africa has a renaissance to assert from you", he pointed out. The gathering also withnessed the presence of the Center of Content Exchange's Newly Appointed Editor-in-chief, Mrs Gisèle Nnemi Ngah.

Before taking leave of his hosts, the Ambassador expressed the wish to see this Center become a reference for other countries "who want to talk about our continent".


H.E.M Komidor Hamidou Njimoluh

"I encourage you to work for the priority interests of Africa"

Reaction of Cameroon’s Ambassador to Algeria at the end of the audience granted to the AUB delegation.

“Algeria, which hosts the AUB Center of Content Exchange, is a country at the crossroads of several historical data. It is a Mediterranean country, it is an Arab country and it is an African country in its own right.

Africa owes many things to Algeria, as long as Algeria owes many things to Africa. The country is at the forefront of the struggles for the image and dignity of the African people. It is a country that will be very favorable to you as long as the information is aimed at defending this continent. Consistency in Africa's views is very important. Africans fail in several fora because they go to these meetings without being united, without having a common language, without being able to understand themselves in order to be able to defend the same goals. By you, through you, through clues and information you produce, you can create meaning, you can inject light and get African decision makers to follow. It is up to you to invest yourselves in the knowledge of this Africa and to play your role of leadership. I encourage you to work for the priority interests of Africa and not for individual interests. »

Irene Gaouda, El Biar, Algiers


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