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China Media Group launched 2nd edition of "Africa's 1st Broadcast of Classics" Quoted by Xi Jinping

China Media Group, CMG launched the second edition of its “Maiden Broadcast in Africa of Classics Quoted by Xi Jinping” in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Co-hosted by the African Union of Broadcasting, AUB, the event also featured launch of partnerships between CMG and some African media organizations.

The event reflects China’s increasing relations with countries on the African continent and the pursuit of mutually beneficial cooperation between the media in China and those in Africa.

CMG officially announce its membership of the African Union of Broadcasting, AUB and commits to supporting the media in Africa through exchange programmes, technology transfer, personnel training and exchange of contents.

It also serves as opportunity for the media in Africa to share experiences with China, especially in building its capacity to better tell African stories from the true African perspective.

CMG made the best of the event to exchange memorandums of understanding with the AUB, eNCA and SABC.


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