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AUB Summit on AI: Meet OBVIA, Our Scientific Partner

OBVIA is defined as the International Observatory on the Societal Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technology

Obvia is an inter-university network of more than 240 member researchers and numerous partners in Quebec and abroad.

This initiative is funded by the Quebec Research Funds, which conducts independent and interdisciplinary research by placing humans at the heart of technological development.

Through an intersectional approach, we offer an open space for reflection and democratic deliberation.

Financially supported by the Quebec Research Funds, Obvia's mission, through critical questioning, is to identify the societal challenges of AI and digital technology and to contribute to solutions that place living beings and the biosphere at the center of their cycle of development and use.

Become a research member

The Obvia research community, in collaboration with civil society, public actors, industry and developers, produces open knowledge and supports the strengthening of individual and collective capabilities.

Obvia's ambition is to stand out for the quality of its research on the societal impacts of AI and digital technologies and for its ability to bring together a large number of researchers with a wide range of expertise in its research areas and thematic clusters, working in an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral manner.

Among other benefits, Obvia researchers and their students have access to resources and support to help them carry out their research projects, organise activities, network with all those involved in research into the societal impacts of AI and digital technologies, and obtain research funding and grants.

Join us in Yaoundé Cameroon for the African Union of Broadcasting -AUB's Summit on Artificial Intelligence and the Media ( March 04 - 06, 2024)


Download OBVIA Membership Application Form

Visit OBVIA website


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