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AUB Maintains Its Commitment to Climate Action and Disaster Risk Prevention in Africa

The African Union of Broadcasting has announced that it retains its commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change and disaster risks on the African Continent.

While speaking at the ABU 7th Media Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Prevention currently taking place in Maldives under the theme "From Atolls to Alaps and Arid Lands: Communicating the Climate Change Challenge”, the AUB Director General Grégoire Ndjaka said that Africa has made a stride in climate mitigation and the union is committed to moving forward with the Media Saving Lives Initiative, project which Africa is part of aiming at disaster risk reduction globally.

The pandemic also re-established the trust in media as a reliable source of information which saves lives. Broadcasting has a critical responsibility in educating everyone of disaster prevention and is the first media of choice when civil disaster relief agencies, humanitarian support organizations and community service bodies seek to provide timely warnings and to inform the public during times of crisis and emergency.

At the summit, several broadcasters around the world will be awarded for their contribution towards disaster risk reduction through their work in their respective areas of operation.


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