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AUB Artificial Intelligence Summit: the AUB mission to Geneva

As part of the preparations for the next African Union of Broadcasting’s Summit on "Artificial intelligence and its impact on African audiovisual media", the Director General of the AUB, Grégoire Ndjaka met in Geneva, Switzerland, with the Secretary General of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), Doreen Bogdan-Martin.

During this meeting, the two officials discussed the effective involvement of the ITU in this major event which will bring together the entire African broadcasting family as well as experts, academics, students, innovators in the fields of AI and robotics, businessmen and members of the governments of the AUB Member States.

The ITU is a traditional partner of the AUB. For technical questions, the two institutions consult each other regularly. Telecommunications satellites used in broadcasting are an invaluable tool. They have transformed the broadcasting industry by providing access to a wide range of radio and television channels, enabling citizens to listen and watch programmes from any part of Africa and the world.

Today, artificial intelligence is now present in network equipment, among operators, and in the areas of smartphones or connected objects that are involved in the broadcasting chain.

For the AUB and the ITU, it is a question of tuning the violins to allow media professionals to take advantage of the benefits offered by these technologies while observing the rules, ethics and professional conduct which govern their profession.

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