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Eutelsat CIRRUS: the answer to the challenges facing African broadcasters

Designed to increase broadcasters' engagement with their audiences, this fully integrated broadcast platform delivers consistent quality content anytime, anywhere, on screen, tablet or mobile phone.

Information and communication technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds. In this race for innovation, African broadcasters cannot stay behind. To meet the challenges facing them as well as the world's broadcasters, the European Telecommunications Satellite Organization (Eutelsat) has designed a new, fully integrated broadcast platform called Eutelsat CIRRUS - Turnkey DTH and OTT Video Distribution.

As part of this project, the Chief Executive Officer of the AUB, Grégoire Ndjaka and the Head of Marketing and Sales Department, Evelyne Faye, went to Paris on September 12, 2019 for a meeting conveyed by Eutelsat in which took part Philippe Oliva, Christophe Limmer, Nicolas Moulin-Fournier and Jean-Sebastien Petit from Eutelsat. The two institutions paved the way to the establishment of the first African TV Bouquet in OTT for the African diaspora, based on diversity (55 TV) and personalization of metadata.

According to its designers, Eutelsat CIRRUS was created to overcome the difficulties inherent in creating a content distribution companies. Above all, it aims to be a reliable, high-quality economic solution that will increase the penetration of radios and televisions.

Eutelsat CIRRUS is built on an innovative roadmap guaranteeing product evolution, with a growing partner ecosystem leveraging some of the best technologies in the industry. Ensuring the delivery of state-of-the-art features for viewers, operators can integrate new features and maintain a competitive offer without the need for support or technical upgrades.

The platform benefits from an end-to-end DTH and OTT distribution with video Distribution-as-a-Service. A fully-supported, cloud-based, scalable solution, Eutelsat CIRRUS delivers video and channels simply anywhere, helping broadcasters meet increasing customer expectations for a flexible, seamless content experience across multiple screens, with analytics to better monetize content.

Deliver consistent quality content to customers, anytime, anywhere, on any screen with Eutelsat CIRRUS, a fully integrated, user-friendly, content delivery platform. Designed to overcome the challenges inherent in building a content distribution business, Eutelsat CIRRUS is the reliable, high quality and cost-effective answer for broadcasters to get their content into more homes.

An OTT Multiscreen solution enables broadcasters to launch a fully-managed multiscreen TV package, available anywhere, in particular to reach expatriate audiences. The turnkey application for IP devices is available for iOS, Android, Android TV and browsers. A rich programme guide offers a modern content navigation experience.

Good to know

A Turnkey DTH service provides end-to-end video distribution combined with cloud-based service management, enabling broadcasters to rapidly launch fully-managed TV services, delivering the highest image quality, with maximum audience reach. Bringing together the strengths of traditional satellite broadcasting with next-generation features, the fully integrated platform delivers an enriched viewer experience, with features including live channel broadcasting, channel numbering, comprehensive programme information, content security, subscriber management and a full range of white label set-top-boxes.

Satellite Multiscreen

Satellite Multiscreen increases a broadcaster’s reach to mobile screens in areas where internet is not sufficient. Content multicast over satellite can be watched on IP devices, irrespective of the quality of the internet connection, enabling broadcasters to distribute content to all screens and regions, no matter how remote their audience.

Enhance free-to-air viewing

For the free-to-air (FTA) ecosystem, the Eutelsat CIRRUS media platform brings a unique value, enabling broadcasters to target specific markets from Eutelsat’s video hotspots and engage with massive audiences. Channels are referenced in Eutelsat’s new FTA set-top-boxes, with prominent channel numbering for each relevant market, comprehensive programme information, content search and reminders, maximising the conversion of massive satellite reach into real TV audience.

Designed to increase broadcaster engagement with their audiences, a mobile version of the Free-to-Air Programme Guide is also available on mobile devices. This app,, has already registered over one million downloads. gives users extensive access to programme details in the HOTBIRD and 7/8° West channel line-ups, with options to browse by time, channel or type of content.

For more details:

Please contact the Marketing, Communication & Sales Department of the AUB

E-mail : T: +221 338 21 1625

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