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3 - 5 September 2024, Gaborone - Botswana

Theme: “The future of African media facing the challenges of new technologies and climate change”.  

A mix newsroom in the digital era


The African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) will hold its 15th Session Annual General Assembly in Botswana, from September 3 to 5, 2024. The event will bring together key players in African broadcast media to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to content in African broadcasting. The main theme concerns the challenge of content in African broadcasting (‘“The future of African media facing the challenges of new technologies and climate change’).

During this General Assembly, members of the Union will work to assess the state of content in the media, identify the main threats, opportunities, and finally explore the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the area.

After the AUB-UNESCO summit on artificial intelligence and media held in Yaoundé in March 2024, the Union aims to analyse how AI can transform the creation and distribution of broadcast content in Africa as well as discuss the contribution of African broadcasting to global initiatives to combat climate change.

Several panels will give more concrete context to the overall information received in Yaoundé, with topics focusing on the contribution of artificial intelligence to the transformation of African broadcasting, the creation of AI content, the exploration of AI technologies for the production of original and engaging broadcast content, cost reduction, AI solutions for the optimization of production processes, the contribution of data, the role of Africa in the generation and management of metadata for audiovisual content, the transformation of professions in the broadcast sector thanks to the impact of AI on skills and professions in the audiovisual sector.

Members at the end of this General Assembly should be better equipped to make more relevant decisions on all questions relating to artificial intelligence in their media.

A special presentation will focus on the role of the audiovisual industry in raising awareness in the fight against climate change, and will take stock of the AUB-UNDRR project which in four years has made it possible to train ??? media practioners on climate change and disaster risk reduction.

During this meeting, the Union will also focus on the issue of content exchange, which constitutes its core business. Discussions will emphasize on the best way to boost countries' participation not only in sharing content on the AUBvision platform, but also to make it the main source of supply, given the limited means of members.

The overall aim of the 2024 AUB General Assembly in Botswana is to provide a platform for discussion and exchange for broadcast professionals in Africa, with a particular target on the integration of artificial intelligence and contribution to fight against climate change. The expected results include practical recommendations and strategies to overcome current and future challenges in the sector.

Topic proposal for panel discussions

1- Resilience of African media facing climate change.

2- Media advocacy for citizen commitment in climate action.  

3- AI solutions for the optimization of production processes.

4- AI solutions and data collection for feedbacks and audience assessment.

5- Optimization of content exchange in news and programme development.


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