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AUB and Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union sign Media Agreement in Turkey

The fifth edition of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union-ABU’s Global News Forum-GNF opened on Monday, July 29th, 2019, in Istanbul Turkey under the theme: “Trust and Truth in Journalism”. During this important event, the African Union of Broadcasting-AUB signed a Media Agreement with the ABU thus allowing the share of News and Programs between the two sister Unions: ASIAvision and AUBvision. In addition to the International conference which opened on Monday with the effective participation of the European Broadcasting Union- EBU as well as worldwide media experts, the Global News Forum will, for three days, address the following topics:

  • The power and peril of global journalism…;

  • Why the coverage of humanitarian crises, conflicts and natural disasters is an ethical issue;

  • The role of public media organizations in a Fake News World;

  • Master Class: Fact Checking;

  • And many others.

On the occasion, the Secretary General of the ABU, Dr Javad Mottaghi hailed the new Media Partnership between the two unions as he said: “"AUB and ABU have been working in the areas of Programs, Technology, Copyright and News... We have also been with AUB as a whole and this has become an international partnership with access for news to AUB and ABU”. “We have a lot to learn from Africa”, he added.

 “From the bottom of my heart and on behalf of Africa, I will like to thank Dr Javad Mottaghi and all his team for all what they have been doing so far for the African Union of Broadcasting. We are a Union of 54 members and we all have the same concerns with ABU”, AUB’s Chief Executive Officer, Grégoire Ndjaka declared. “In Africa, we have men and women working to earn a living, to develop their countries. With this agreement which is one among many steps we’ve had with ABU, we will seize the opportunity to let grow our network of program exchange”, Mr Ndjaka said.

Hosted by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation-TRT, ABU's Global News Forum will run up to July 31, 2019.

Irene Gaouda

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