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We are pleased to informing you that the AUB has launch its network of news and documentary exchanges on January 1, 2019. Partnerships agreements have been signed with world-renowned technical operators.


This long awaited network of news and documentaries exchange expected for several decades aims to be the best in the world in that it will be at the crossroads of the networks of ABU (Asia) ASBU (Arabic) EBU (Europe) and integrate on demand (America).


We strongly recommend to all AUB members to joint us by designate men or women available and operational not occupying high positions in their organization but having a knowledge of the profession and having professional relations with your editorial staff and Directorate in charge of programming respectively.

This network of news and documentary exchange is an ideal occasion for Africa once more to write its own history, to report the news of the continent to the whole world and eventually should provide additional resources to members who will exploit its enormous potential.

Please joint us by filling this registration form  

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