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AUB Brings AFCON Closer To Fans

The Yaounde Head of Office of the African Union of Broadcasting AUB has gone operational and will serve as base for the structure all through the Africa Cup of Nations.

Based in the Odza neighborhood in Yaounde, the office was inaugurated last Thursday, January 6 by the Director General of AUB, Grégoire Ndjaka.

The structure comprises of offices for administrative duties, a section for media monitoring during the AFCON, a production unit and a fan zone.

At the media monitoring sector, volunteers have been recruited to monitor the various broadcasters across the continent to ensure TV Signals are not being pirated.

Here, several screens are stationed in a tent and each volunteer assigned to one to the monitoring. In case of any piracy of the AUB signals, the structure sends a warning before engaging on any legal pursuit.

At the production Unit, a team is in place that will produce a 13 minute daily magazine on the AFCON called Spotlight.

“The programme will help us understand stories not just around the AFCON but also around Africa as a whole. AUB will help us through this programme discover other parts of Africa”, Grégoire Ndjaka said.

Just out of the structure, a fan zone has been set up to enable the population live the best of experiences during the tournament. Here, a giant screen has been set up where matches will be projected while there is enough space for fans to get seats and added to that is light refreshment.

However, access into the fan zone is conditioned by the respect of the Covid-19 preventive measures.

Inaugurating the structure, the Director General of the AUB said the decision to take the office to Messamendongo was a popular choice to bring the game closer to the fans.

Francis Ajumane, in Cameroon Insider

For more details on inauguration ceremony, please click on the link below


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