AUB and CONFEJES against the inflation of rebroadcast rights of sporting events

On Monday, 11 September 2017, the Secretary General of the Conference of Ministers for Youth and Sport of La Francophonie (French acronym-CONFEJES) organized a consultative meeting on the rebroadcast rights of sporting events at the institution’s headquarters in Dakar.

For a better understanding of this topic, CONFEJES’ Secretary General, Mr Ali Harouna Bouramah, requested for the presence of a distinguished guest: Mr. Grégoire NDJAKA THE Chief Executive Officer of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) who laid the groundwork for the battle against inflation of the cost of rebroadcasting of sporting events in March 2016 and obtained an 18% reduction in the cost of the 2017 AFCON rights played in Gabon. For Mr Ali Harouna Bouramah, the question of the rebroadcast rights of sporting events is frequently at the center of discussions at CONFEJES. To this effect, a Decision No. 40/CONFEJES/C36-2017 on access to the rebroadcast rights of sporting events was made public. The said Decision stipulates that: "The Conference addressed the difficulties faced by some Member States and Governments in gaining access to rebroadcast rights for major sporting events, particularly the Africa Cup of Nations organized by the African Football Confederation". It mandates the Chairman-in-Office and the Secretary-General to contact the new CAF Authorities with a view to concerted solutions that can overcome the various constraints identified ". It is therefore necessary to follow up the implementation of this Decision in order to come up with convincing results, he disclosed.

AUB’s Director General on the other hand, recalled the context of the battle for the acquisition of the rebroadcast rights of sporting events. In ten years, he said, the costs of the African Nations’ Cup, for example, have increased exponentially, reaching nearly one million three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, a situation which is, in fact, a handicap for many African countries. Mr. Grégoire Ndjaka explained the gambling, sports, financial and political challenges surrounding the management of sport’s TV rights in Africa. On the basis of his experience, he urged CONFEJES to prepare an advocacy document that will contribute to the mobilization of the Member States and Governments concerned with this problem.

AUB and CONFEJES agreed on the need to take concerted action with States and Governments in order to positively impact future decisions. This advocacy calls for a tightening of positions that rely on the African Union (AU) and its Parliament. AUB’s Director General promised to support CONFEJES in the process of drawing up a plea, if needed.


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